Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'd Be Paris Hilton.

If I had an STD for every time someone hears my name and says, "Oh yeah, you have the same name as John Davidson that I grew up watching on TV," I'd be Paris Hilton. Yes, I've heard of him. Yes, though a musician, I'm not primarily a drummer, and thus I've mustered the brain cells to deduce that even though our first names are an "H" apart, they are essentially the same name. Did I pick my own name? No. Should I adopt a stage name? Since my first choice, Circling A Rotten Corpse, has already been taken by a band in Iowa, I'm left with a bunch of second-rate options. I'll stick with what I've got, thanks. People Of The 70's, I apologize for the confusion.

There's also a kind-looking gentleman named Jon Davidson who is very concerned with your health, and you can learn more about him and spirulina at

Reminds me of when I used to be nonplussed when strangers would tell me that I look like Matt Damon. This all turned around for me one day when, blithely waiting in a checkout line at Safeway, I glanced at the cover of People. Matt Damon, it turns out, had just been crowned "Sexiest Man Alive." On that day, in that inauspicious grocery store, I learned to embrace the comparisons.

Truth be told, it's late, and I'm tired. No one is world-class sexy at 2:30 AM after staring at a computer screen for hours. I've been working pretty much day and night tying up loose ends for my upcoming tour. Two days till showtime.

I know I haven't blogged in awhile, and for those of you who use my blogs as bathroom reading material, the long wait is over. Make yourselves comfortable.

I'm really looking forward to my Boise show this Friday. Fact: Boise has become one of my favorite towns to play in, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing Rose, my favorite reptile. I'll be doing an in-store appearance at a Hastings on Boise Ave. and then playing at The Bouquet at 9 PM.

In other news, I've broken into the Country format here in Portland, OR!
The Wolf, KWJJ 99.5 FM, Portland's top country station, has recently added "Going Home" to their rotation. I've now been played on the largest hard rock, largest alternative, largest college, and largest country stations in town. I don't know of any other artists that are hitting all these formats. If you know of any others, don't tell me. I want to feel special, dang it. Thanks to Demetri at 99.
5 for making it happen.

My singles are still spinning and charting at stations in 38 states and provinces, including #1 again last week at WUMM 90.5 in Machias, ME, and #23 at WYBF 89.1 The Burn in Radnor, PA.

I've also secured four slots at SXSW and its adjacent festivals. Check my MySpace page for all the juicy details. Oh, so juicy.

I'll attempt to post blogs for each show of my upcoming tour like I did for my CD release tour in October. No promises, folks, but I'll do my best. Check my schedule.
Come to a show. Do something memorable (but not criminal). Get a mention in my blog.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now Playing On Stations In 37 States & Provinces!

More and more stations are jumping on the Jon Davidson bandwagon!

What's the etymology of the term 'bandwagon,' anyway? These days, bands have tour buses, not little red Radio Flyers. The moral of this story, I think, is that it would've sucked to be a rockstar back in the 18th century, between the band wagons, the lack of electricity, and the ridiculous man-skirts. No thanks.

I digress. As usual.

In any case, my latest CMJ radio report is in, and my singles "Beautifully Bittersweet," "Going Home," and "Hermit Crab" are now playing on radio stations in 37 US states and Canadian provinces!

I'd like to give a shout out to the stations that have really gotten behind my music.
I charted at #3 on the Radio 200 chart last week on KNWD 91.7 in Nachitoches, LA! I'm charting at #28 on WAIH 90.3 in Potsdam, NY, #28 on WLOY 1620 AM in Baltimore, MD, and #23 on WIIT 88.9 in Chicago, IL.

I'm charting at #1 on the Radio 200 chart at WUMM 90.5 in Machias, ME!

CILU 102.7, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has my music in heavy rotation, as do WKKL 90.7 in West Barnstable, MA, WUTS 91.3 in Sewanee, TN, and WSUP in Platteville, WI.

Here's a comprehensive list of stations spinning my music right now. Scroll down and find one near you, and call in and request my music! Thank you so much for your support. You are my metaphorical jockstrap.


KHNS 102.3 and 91.9 Haines, AK 907.766.2020


KCAC 89.5 East Camden, AR


KCRH 89.9 Hayward, CA

KGAR 93.3 Lemoore, CA

KSSU 1580 AM Sacramento, CA

WPMD 1700 AM Norwalk, CA 562.860.2451 Ext. 2628

KYHY 92.5 Burbank, CA


KDNK 88.1 Carbondale, CO 970.963.0139

KOTO 105.5 Telluride, CO 970.728.4333

KURA 98.9 Ouray, CO

KVDU Denver, CO 303.871.2451

KSRX 93.9 Greeley, CO


WGTB 92.3 Washington, DC 202.687.WGTB

WVAU 101.7 Washington, DC


WBUL 1620 AM Tampa, FL 813.974.WBUL

WKPX 88.5 Sunrise, FL


KKCR 92.7 Hanalei, HI 808.826.7771


KBSU 90.3 Boise, ID


WAUG 97.9 Rock Island, IL 309.794.7512

WIIT 88.9 Chicago, IL 312.567.3088

WLCA 89.9 Godfrey, IL

WLTL 88.1 La Grange, IL 708.482.9585

WMCR Monmouth, IL

WMXM 88.9 Lake Forest, IL

WRSE 88.7 Elmhurst, IL

WUIC Chicago, IL 312.413.2191


WBKE 89.5 North Manchester, IN

WCYT 91.1 Fort Wayne, IN 260.431.2911

WISU 89.7 Terre Haute, IN 812.237.FM90


KALA 105.5 Davenport, IA 563.333.6216

KLCR Dubuque, IA

KUNI 90.9 Cedar Falls, IA

KWAR 89.9 Waverly, IA 319.352.8306

KWLC 1240 AM Decorah, IA 563.387.1240


KNSU 91.5 Thibodaux, LA 985.448.KNSU

KNWD 91.7 Natchitoches, LA 318.357.5693

KLPI 89.1 Ruston, LA 318.257.3689

KRVS 88.7 Lafayette, LA 337.482.5787


CJUM 101.5 Winnipeg, MB


WTBU 89.3 Boston, MA 617.353.6400

WCHC 88.1 Worcester, MA 508.793.2474

WKKL 90.7 West Barnstable, MA 508.375.4030

WSCW 94.9 Worcester, MA 508.929.8512


WHSN 89.3 Bangor, ME 207.941.7116

WMEB 91.9 Orono, ME 207.581.BEEF

WMPG 104.1 Portland, ME 207.780.4909

WUMM 90.5 Machias, ME

WUMF 100.1 Farmington, ME 207.778.7353


WLOY 1620 AM Baltimore, MD 410.617.5313


WHFR 89.3 Dearborn, MI 313.845.9676

WPHS 89.1 Warren, MI

WSDP 88.1 Canton, MI


KAGE 95.3 Winona, MN 800.584.6782

KFAI 90.3 Minneapolis, MN 612.341.0980

KMSU 89.7 Mankato, MN

KFAI 106.7 St. Paul, MN 612.341.0980


WUSM 88.5 Hattiesburg, MS 601.266.9876


KMNR 89.7 Rolla, MO 573.341.4272


KDWG 90.9 Dillon, MT


CHMR 93.5 St. Johns NF 709.737.7935


WPSC 88.7 Wayne, NJ 973.720.2738


WAIH 90.3 Potsdam, NY 315.267.2511

WDWN 89.1 Auburn, NY 315.253.0449

WEOS 89.7 Geneva, NY

WFNY Farmingdale, NY

WKWZ 88.5 Svosset, NY

WMVL 88.1 Purchase, NY 914.323.3204

WSIA 88.9 Staten Island, NY 718.982.3060

WSJU Jamaica, NY 718.990.6126

WDYN 100.1 Rochester, NY 585.621.6270

WNYU 89.1 New York, NY 212.998.1818


WCBE 90.5 Columbus, OH 614.821.9223

WDUB 91.1 Granville, OH 740.587.9382


KRSC 91.3 Claremore, OK

KXZY Stillwater, OK 405.744.8274


CILU 102.7 Thunder Bay, ON 807.343.8881


KUFO 101.1 Portland, OR 800.344.KUFO

KNRK 94.7 Portland, OR 800.777.0947

KRXF 92.7 Bend, OR

KDUP 1580 AM Portland, OR 503-943-7121

KEOL 91.7 La Grande, OR 541.962.3333

KMHC Gresham, OR

KPSU 1450 AM Portland, OR 503.725.5945

KWVA 88.1 Eugene, OR 541.346.0645


WARC 90.3 Meadville, PA 814.332.5275

WCUC 91.7 Clarion, PA

WEXP 1600 AM Philadelphia, PA 215.951.1369

WMUH 91.7 Allentown, PA

WQHS 730 AM Philadelphia, PA 215.898.3500

WPPJ 670 AM Pittsburgh, PA

WRKC 88.5 Wilkes-Barre, PA

WSFX 105.5 Nanticoke, PA 570.740.0635

WSYC 88.7 Shippensburg, PA 717.477.1480

WYBF 89.1 Radnor, PA 610.902.8453

WVMM 90.7 Grantham, PA 717.796.5351

WXVU 89.1 Villanova, PA


WXIN 90.7 Providence, RI


WSBF 88.1 Clemson, SC 864.656.WSBF


WUTS 91.3 Sewanee, TN


KSAU 90.1 Nacogdoches, TX 936.468.4000

KSYM 90.1 San Antonio, TX 210.486.KSYM

KTRL 100.7 Stephenville, TX

KTSW 89.9 San Marcos, TX 512.245.3485

KUIW San Antonio, TX 210.805.KUIW


KWCR 88.1 Ogden, UT


WMLU 91.3 Farmville, VA 434.395.2475


KSUB 89.1 Seattle, WA

KAOS 89.3 Olympia, WA 360.867.KAOS


KUWS 91.3 Superior, WI 800.300.8530

WSRI 96.7 Eau Claire, WI

WSUP Platteville, WI 608.342.1291

WFRW 88.7 River Falls, WI

WWSP Stevens Point, WI 715.346.2696

If you listen to a station that isn't playing me, and you'd like them to be, contact their music or program director and pass my name along.