Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stuff You Can Buy Pretty Soon.

2012 is practically 25 percent gone. Perhaps you've asked yourself, "What is Jon Davidson doing right now?" Or, perhaps you haven't asked yourself. But, either way, if you're reading this, you're about to find out.

Currently, I'm sitting in the control room of Black Diamond Studios in Portland, OR while Crown Point's drummer, Kaycee Kay, prepares to track drums for our upcoming album, Oceans. He's currently hitting the same floor tom monotonously as the engineer tests mics. For some reason, I want to dance like a white boy.

My first attempt at authorship, a book called Of Bombs And Blackberries, is at the publishers. The design team is working on the fifth cover concept proof. I've shot the first four ideas down in a fit of rage.

I'm also working on a brand-new solo album, my first solo effort since 2010. I've got some electronic surprises up my sleeve. The album is called Tip Of The Iceberg.

I'm also booking music at a venue in Portland, bartending at two different bars, working on booking and promoting Crown Point's Australia and US tours, and drinking gratuitous amounts of the new flavors of Monster Rehab energy drinks. Loaded with guarana, mangosteen extract, goji berry extract, acai extract, coconut water, and tons of other natural ingredients, it's actually not all that bad for me. Moderation is key--I've only had three and a half cans today.

So, although life is crazy right now, I'm thankful that my time is being occupied by projects that I'm passionate about completing. I'm also thankful that my tongue has almost completely healed from last summer's accident, and especially thankful that the genetic-modification wizards out there have created a seedless, easy-peel tangerine. I'm going to go crush a couple of them in my mouth right now.