Thursday, April 10, 2014


Are you happy?

Do you tell yourself that as soon as life gets better, or as soon as things slow down, or as soon as circumstances change, you will be?

Or are you happy right now, in this moment, in the midst of this malevolent maelstrom called life?

Several years ago, I wrote a song called "Comatose." It never made it on a Crown Point or Jon Davidson album, but we played it hundreds of times on tour in hundreds of cities. It's a song about a girl who has been hurt deeply and endured a lot of pain, both emotional and physical. Often, to introduce the song, I'd say that crappy things are going to happen to us all, and that we can't avoid them. What matters is how we respond: do we shut down and feel sorry for ourselves, or do we take the pain, whether physical or emotional, as a chance to grow and bless others?
It's one thing to dispense sound advice. It's quite another thing to accept it. 

And so, in the wake of my ruptured Achilles and the months of no walking or working that have ensued, I came to the conclusion that once again, it's time for me to take my own advice. Which, to be quite honest, I'm rarely a fan of doing.

I don't mean to beat a dead horse (although since the horse is already dead, it can't feel a thing, and therefore I won't be expecting any angry correspondence from PETA), but this injury, and all of the life changes it necessitated, has been very difficult for me.

I'm still happy, though. Why? It's simple.

Happiness is a choice.

Not a choice we make once. Not a choice we make when it's convenient and easy. Happiness is a choice we each must make, every moment.

It is a choice we can make regardless of our past, regardless of our future, regardless of the present. It doesn't mean ignoring pain or sugarcoating miserable situations. Yes, there are times to mourn, as the book of Ecclesiastes phrases so beautifully. I'm not suggesting that we all walk around with big, goofy grins at funerals. However, choosing happiness does mean being able to find joy and peace in spite of the terrible circumstances life throws our way, and realizing we still have the incredible ability to make other people's lives better through our words, actions, attitude, and example.

I haven't always succeeded at choosing happiness these last nine weeks. Kimberly, and quite a few of my friends, can attest to the fact that there have been plenty of moments that I've been frustrated, angry, sad, and discouraged. Furthermore, most of the activities that used to bring me happiness, like hiking, biking, running, sports, traveling, and playing shows, haven't been feasible with my injury. Needless to say, I've struggled way more with remaining happy than I usually do.

Two things have kept me looking up, though. First, I do have a lot to be thankful for. More than I care to write, and more than you care to read. Second, the onlything I have control over is my perspective, my attitude. Life happens, and it happens to us all. However, life can't steal my joy; it can't bring me down unless I let it.

So, for today, for right now, I choose joy. I choose happiness. 

So can you.

Here are the lyrics to Comatose, in case you're interested. You can read more of my lyrics at

Copyright 2011 by Jon Davidson

Maybe she has figured out what life is truly all about
Behind the twisted maze of wires, a living, breathing, flickering fire
But she has tried and failed to wake her heart from its unconscious state
To love is to be prone to pain; she vows to never hurt again

Comatose, comatose
Her eyes forever open, her heart forever broken
Comatose, comatose
Her eyes forever open, her heart forever broken

Maybe she will sit and wait as she succumbs to every fate
Or maybe she will wake again to life and love and blood and pain
For in the face of hardship lies the choice to simply shut her eyes
Or take the pain as grace and know that she will never be alone

Comatose, comatose
Her eyes forever open, her heart forever broken
Comatose, comatose
Her eyes forever open, her heart forever broken